Guidelines for Q4C blog content

The idea behind the blog is to share inspiring content, either our own work, or that of others. There are a few guidelines that we want to apply. First a few general things:

  • The website is a part of the collective, not owned by any one person. 
  • Content can theoretically be in any language, but does need to be checked by (at least) one of the moderators, so will depend on the languages that they speak.
  • This is content for the longer term. Content related to specific events, that needs to be posted quickly or ages quickly, is posted to the Take Action section, via Instagram.
  • We always give credit to the authors, the source of the content.
  • The point is to allow as many people as possible to post content, so we will keep the system as simple as possible.
  • Content is meant to inspire, provoke thought. 
  • We favour content that is both queer and climate related, reflecting the combined focus of this group.
  • We favour content about diversity, equity, and inclusion, and authored by a diverse queer group.

Some pointers about the content:

  • We know from experience that we are a diverse group, with different opinions. What inspires one can offend another. It is not our aim to limit opinion, or act as a gatekeeper. 
  • We will not publish content that is considered racist, sexist, deliberately misleading or misrepresenting, or in another way discriminating, or that is a call to violence. 

           The way that it works:

  • We will have a group of people who will be able to upload content for consideration, and act as moderators of content uploaded by others. 
  • Everyone is welcome to join this group and be as active as they want to be, there are no rules about the amount of time you have to dedicate or how often you need to add content. 
  • We actively encourage people with a broad language skill set to join the group, so that we can have content in as many languages as possible. 
  • People who join the Blog group will be given a short training on using WordPress, and a guide to how the Moderator function works. 

           What do moderators do?

Moderators are a second pair of eyes reviewing content that has been uploaded by others, before it is approved for the website. The idea is that we do what we can to ensure that the content is in line with what we want to portray as a collective, but not to limit content due to personal opinion. 

In principle, content uploaded for consideration by one member of the group only needs one moderator to check and approve. 

If the moderator has doubts about the content, they can ask another moderator for an opinion, so that together they can decide if the content is appropriate for the website.